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Our phosphate unit is one of the largest producers of phosphate rock in Brazil. From the mine located in Ouvidor (GO) where the mineral is extracted to produce low and high concentration fertilizers, the material is sent to the industrial plants of Catalão (GO) and Cubatão (SP), where phosphate products are made, containing the best phosphate levels in the Brazilian market.

In the form of phosphate fertilizers, sulfuric, phosphoric and fluosilicic acids and feed supplement for animals (DCP), CMOC products are part of the agricultural, chemical, food & beverage and animal feed industries.

fosfatos_FH4UpcN7LHMJZ9h About the Products


Our products are available in the form of fertilizers, acids and dicalcium phosphate (DCP), possessing the best phosphate rates in the Brazilian market.


Phosphates in daily life.

Phosphates are used in the agricultural, chemical, food and beverage, and animal nutrition industries.

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Product Data Sheets

Products Datasheet
Products Datasheet
  • Simple Superphosphate Ammonia (03-17-00)
  • Superphosphate Simple Granulate 21% - Cubatão Phosphates
  • Simple Phosphate (00-19-00)
  • Mineral Fertilizer Complex (02-18-00) + Micro
  • Triple Superphosphate Farelado (00-46-00)
  • Mineral Fertilizer Complex (00-21-00)
  • Superphosphate Simple Ammonia (02-20-00)
Products Datasheet
Products Datasheet
Products Datasheet

Fertilizers and others

Gustavo Vieira

Fertilizers and Industrial Products Sales
Sales Expert

Telephone: +55 31 9 8726-6930


Carla Siqueira

Animal nutrition (DCP)
Technical Representative

Goiás, Norte and Nordeste

Telephone: +55 64 99642-1151

Animal Feed (DCP) and Acids

Giovani Lippolis

Animal Nutrition (PDD) and Acids
Technical Representative

Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Acre

Telephone: +55 64 99938-1159

Lucas Luizari

Animal feed (DCP) and Acids
Sales Coordinator

Telephone: +55 64 9 9979-6118