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Governance and Compliance

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Principles and responsible practices of CMOC Brazil


We are governed by strong governance principles that result in the best management practices, aligning the interests of our clients, partners, employees and the community, with our internal policies and procedures, thus ensuring that these are duly complied.

This is our essence, based on principles such as ethics, transparency, equity and corporate responsibility.

Based on the principles and guidelines of corporate governance, as well as our mission, vision and values, our company structured a governance system, organized as follows: Policies, Procedures, Internal Control, Audits, Executive and Directive Committees (composed by the senior management) of CMOC Brazil.



Being "in Compliance" means acting in a correct manner, in addition to being in line with legal obligations. Compliance is part of our culture and is present in all our operations, being practiced by our employees, third parties, suppliers and other business partners. CMOC also repudiates any type of corruption practice and fully complies with the national and international legislations that govern this subject.

In order to work together on the compliance path, we guide our team so that our legal guidelines are properly complied. We believe that, to walk the path of compliance, our relationships must be based on the following guideline: to do what is right, transparently, regardless of circumstances and consequences.

Main guidelines


Hello CMOC

This CMOC Ombudsman channel is dedicated to receiving complaints about any matter or practice that does not comply with our Code of Conduct and Values. In order to file a complaint, there is no need to identify yourself. All of CMOC’s services are confidential and private.

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