CMOC Brasil

Welcome to the CMOC Circuit, a guided tour program around CMOC Brazil’s plants. Learn more about our history and our industry that has been working for more than 60 years with mining and processing of niobium and phosphates in the cities of Catalão and Ouvidor (GO) and Cubatão (SP).

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Below you can choose the location, date and time to take a guided tour around one of our facilities.

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    The program serves groups of high school and university students (requests must be made by the teacher that will accompany the group), communities neighboring our operations, family members of employees, clients and suppliers. It is also extensive for visits by representatives of the public power, press and religious authorities

  • Time

    8h30 to 17h

    Visits take place on Tuesday (only on the second and third week of the month)

  • Number of visitors

    Minimum of 10 people and maximum of 20 people

  • Important information about the CMOC Circuit

    The visit request must be made at least 30 days in advance

    The scheduling order will be evaluated according to the date and time requested, as well as calendar availability

    The visitation areas may change without prior notice, due to internal issues and activities of CMOC Brazil, which dismisses the use of these areas for other activities.