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Health and Safety

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Health and Safety



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See & Act Program

This program aims to encourage our employees and contractors to report on conditions and risk behaviors identified in the work environment, while focusing on the elimination of accident risks.

In this way, we seek to eliminate possible injuries and incidents before they happen, contributing to the practice of our main value: safety. Monthly, the program awards employees and contractors in the categories "Best Report" and "Best Blocking Action".

Zero Injury

In addition to investing in training, protection equipment and adaptation of facilities, we seek to eliminate all incidents, injuries and occupational diseases through the participation of all employees and contractors, building together a relationship of autonomy with responsibility.

Awareness campaigns

Annually, we carry out several activities to raise our employees and contractors’ awareness on topics related to health and safety at work, such as SIPAT, Traffic Awareness, DDS, Workplace Exercise, among others.

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