CMOC International Brasil

Environmental Responsibility

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We act with commitment and focused on preserving the planet. Through our environmental policies, we ensure the sustainability of our operations in the locations where we operate. These practices are also ensured through our certifications in:

  • Quality

    ISO 9.001 download
  • Health and Safety

    OHSAS 18.001 download
  • Environment

    ISO 14.001 download
  • Laboratory

    ISO 17.025

We invest in sustainable technology for the preservation of non-renewable natural resources, which will result in long-term benefits for future generations.



100% of the industrial effluents are sent to the effluent treatment plants and the treated water is reused in the processes.

Zero disposal in the environment.

Waste dams are waterproofed and allow the reuse of water in industrial plants.



62 hectares of Forest Conservation Easement in a totally preserved area.

Study of the local biodiversity in a 50km radius, related to niobium and phosphate operations.

Matinha Farm. 450 hectares intended for environmental preservation, between Legal Reserve and APP.

Air quality

Air quality

Control equipment for stationary sources.

Air quality monitoring through Hi-Vol.

Monitoring stationary sources.

Inspection of black smoke from diesel engines.